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Transmission and distribution lines

How could we perform a remote and automated physical integrity inspection of overhead power transmission and distribution lines of Grupo Empresarial Ecopetrol?

Test solutions based on Science, Technology and Innovation CT+ i in order to avoid electrical failures and consequent crude oil production losses through early detection of possible failure points in the overhead transmission and distribution lines of the Business Group.

The challenge of inspecting power transmission and distribution lines lies in the need to automate the process to identify problems related to vegetation, wildlife, weather factors and component failures in a timely manner. The lack of a real-time health status of these lines negatively impacts crude oil production, especially when electrical failures occur due to components or approaches with vegetation.

Currently, inspection is mainly performed by personnel using visual methods or predictive techniques, which involves significant costs and dependence on favorable weather conditions. The presence of variable vegetation, areas of difficult access and risks for personnel make this process even more difficult.

To address this problem, it is important to implement new inspection and analysis technologies that improve the timeliness of the health diagnosis of these lines. These technologies should allow preventive interventions to be made before failures occur, thus optimizing the operation and minimizing risks to personnel and the environment.